About AsianConversations.Com

As Asia strides jauntily towards the future and the promise of a new "Asian century", what are the route markers and the agents of change? How secure is the highway we are barreling down?

A broad gamut of issues must be tackled – social change and rural emancipation, urban planning, infrastructure, economic growth, industry, business, trade, nutrition, water, education, information, health, housing, jobs, the environment, political structure, population, power, and regional realignment.

It is easy to become overly comfortable on a diet of canned "news" and to forget the larger picture that cannot be painted in small, quick sound bytes. The region is in transition. It holds wondrous promise - and a modicum of peril – for all.

Asian Conversations is not about news, celebrities, gore or schlock. It is about underlying processes and broader principles that govern change and ultimately determine the rate of Asia's progress, its eventual direction, and satisfaction levels.

It is about constructive views on how Asia is getting from here to there, in order to truly arrive.

This is our remit. We welcome you to join the conversation.